Manufacturing & Facilities

Bend Tooling

HydraPower have a full Toolroom capability to produce Tube Bend Tooling in house

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HydraPower have the capability to design all tooling and fixtures used in the manufacture of hose and tube assemblies throughout this process

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Tube Manipulation

HydraPower have invested in a considerable range of tooling and can offer many options for both diameter and wall thickness

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Coded certification ensures high quality and extremely low rework cost

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Both skilled hand brazing and pre-set twin burner tables are used depending on volumes

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Tube End Forming

With the latest investment in multi station end forming all types of termination can be achieved

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Nylon Forming

Nylon grades with thermosetting properties are loaded into forming jigs

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Nylon Loom Building

Hydrapower can manufacture multiline looms typically used in commercial vehicle airbrake systems

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SCR Lines

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Hose Assembly

With over 30 years of experience in supplying hose assemblies hydraPower have built hoses for just about every application

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Computerised Measurement

HydraPower can accurately measure every tube produced with confidence.

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Pressure Testing

Pressure testing can take place in various ways including hydrostatic, air under water and decay test

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